Managing Caregiver Guilt

Why You Feel Guilt and How to Manage It Written by Meg Pemberton MHA BSN RN, Geriatric Care Manager I recently spent an afternoon sitting in with a caregiver support group at a local church. I met several strong caregivers dealing with different yet similar situations. Each of them caring for a loved one and each of them experiencing some level of guilt. The meeting reminded me of my own guilt as a family caregiver. …

When You Can’t Go It Alone, Try a Geriatric Care Manager

A good geriatric care manager can help seniors through every aspect of the aging process: finding the right primary care physician, making plans for retirement, understanding how Medicare fits into the picture, assisting in plans to downsize their living environment, helping caregivers create a plan for their loved ones, and helping the family find the right long-term care facility when needed.