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Professional Geriatric Care Managers provide guidance to help you meet the daily challenges of caregiving with peace of mind. ElderCare Connections has the expertise and resources to help preserve the dignity and self esteem of older adults while insuring their safety and comfort.





 Our goal is to improve the Quality of Life for elders and minimize the stress for those who care for them.



Professional Geriatric Care Managers are health and human services specialists. We help individuals maintain or improve their quality of life and help families care for older and disabled relatives, while encouraging as much independence as possible.




                       Who uses a Geriatric Care Manager?
Families who live a distance or are overwhelmed with business or family responsibilities rely on a Geriatric Care Manager to provide a trusted link to their elderly parents or relatives.  A Geriatric Care Manager has the skills needed to develop a rapport with difficult individuals who may initially resist outside help. ElderCare Connections will be able to suggest several different approaches to overcoming the older adult's objections while promoting self-determination and safety.
Older Adults who live alone or with a physically or mentally impaired spouse, child or significant other utilize the services of a Geriatric Care Manager who provides professional guidance to establish and implement safe and appropriate care plans.
Physicians and other health care professionals welcome the specialized individual services that a Geriatric Care Manager can offer to older adults and families as a means to prevent clinical crises and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.
Attorneys may use the services of a Geriatric Care Manager for a professional assessment of a complex situation in either the home or in an assisted living community or nursing home setting.
Banks and Trust Officers, Accountants and other Financial Advisors find that a Geriatric Care Manager plays a key part in a professional assessment to assure the provision of well-targeted, cost-effective care for older adults.
Employee Assistance Programs benefit from services of a Geriatric Care Manager for their employees who are experiencing stress or diminished performance at work and at home as the result of concern or caring for an older or disabled parent, spouse or relative.